F.E.A.R. Community temporarily down

Meanwhile, it would be good to create and share quick temporary fix for it

(2/3 of all servers are not visible in game).

Maybe the easiest approach that anyone can try right now is … adding new line (temporary) master.fear-combat.org

to hosts file (for windows path is “c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\”, add permissions if required).

It redirects requests from http://master.fear-combat.org/api/serverlist-ingame.php (first master server with incomplete list) to http://cpp.mx/api/serverlist-ingame.php (third master server with complete list). The second mirror ( http://master2.fear-combat.org/api/serverlist-ingame.php) does not work at all.

Another approach is modifying SEC2/GameClient.dll using hex editor. Change url of 1st mirror to something definitely wrong (temporary of course), so 3rd mirror will be used or better replace 1st url by 3rd (but keep the size of file constant).

by Player

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